More than 30 collaborators from 10 institutions and 2 national labs in 3 countries collaborate on ANNIE.

  • Some members of the ANNIE collaboration at the ANNIE Spring 2019 Collaboration Meeting at Fermilab.

Leadership Structure:

Mayly C. Sanchez and Matthew Wetstein are collaboration co-spokespersons.

V. Fischer, S. Gardiner, J. He, L. Pickard, R. Svoboda*, J. Wang

M. Smy, M. Vagins*

A. Elagin, H. Frisch*

E. Drakopoulou, M. Needham*

C. McGivern+, A. Kreymer

A. Back, E. Catano-Mur, J. Eisch, F. Krennrich, M.C. Sanchez*, E. Tiras, A. Weinstein, M. Wetstein

S. Dazeley*, M. Bergevin

J. Beacom*

F. Di Lodovico*, T. Katori, B. Richards

M. O’Flaherty, M. Malek*

M. Nieslony, M. Wurm*

C. Hagner*, B. Wonsak

(*) Institutional P.I., (+) Experiment Liaison Officer